W.R.C Burley
 We are pleased to note our satisfaction with the standard of service offered to us by the qualified and efficient team of MSB Security Services. This company is a company with high integrity and strong traditional values focusing on providing the utmost levels of customer satisfaction.
MSB Security Services has been providing security services to our company with passion, a high level of professional services and high quality support.
Their experience and understanding of the market helps them exceed their customers’ expectations, we believe in open and honest relationship with MSB Security Services and look forward to doing future rendezvous with them. 

T.A Van Der Walt
 The contract for the securing of Calgro M3 Development Assets was awarded to MSB Security Services at Project Fleurhof, Corner Mainreef and Helpmekaar, Florida, Johannesburg.From adjudication of their services up to date of the said project, we found that MSB Security Services was involved, committed and exceeded all expectations. This project is a high risk project and their services were executed professionally, and with minimal disruption to the surrounding community and with a high rate of prevention of theft and vandalism.
Management and Security members treated security and securing of CALGRO M3 Developments’ property and assets as a priority, including all risk factors that could influence the task at hand. MSB Security Services plays a vital role at the project by ensuring that theft is prevented and that arrests are made.
Our experience during this project with MSB Security Services has been a very positive experience. We can hereby recommend MSB Security Services as a reliable security services supplier and experts in their field and we are looking forward to future endeavors.

Michelle Joubert
 I am pleased to note your good work with the security at all our sites.We receive updates from Sam if there are any problems and we are satisfied with your excellent service.
We also receive our invoices and statements promptly every month.
Thank you again for the good service. 

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